If You’re So Smart, Why Can’t You Meet a Great Partner?

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“If you’re so smart, why can’t you find a great partner?!”

Some of you will argue that it is precisely the reason you are still single: you’re too smart and not too many people can level up. Maybe you think all the good ones are already taken, and for the rest, the physic doesn’t match their IQ.

What if it was a thought error?!

What if you were exactly a thought away from meeting your person?!

Your Thoughts Trigger Your Emotions

When you don’t feel the spark or there is no chemistry between you and your date/partner, what are you actually thinking?

Thoughts are essentially electric signals in the brain.

Those signals provoke chemical release that you then feel in your body… energy in motion… emotions!

If you think positive thoughts, you release happy hormones and feel positive emotions.

If you think negative thoughts, you release stress hormones and feel negatives emotions.

As simple as that!

So, when you feel a relationship is not working, what are the thoughts that induce your emotions?

Your Brain is Designed to Keep You Safe

When your heart skips a beat, or someone takes your breath away, your brain doesn’t care the person in front of you might be the love of your life, it goes straight into safety mode.

Fight. Flight. Freeze. Your brain sees relationships as a great deal of stress.

Your brain is constantly checking you’re ok: that your heart is beating regularly and you’re breathing normally. If not, it will make sure your vitals are under control.

It will not hesitate to rationalise, create some logic explanation, or remind you (in a very subtle and unconscious way) bad experiences from the past, times you were heart broken, to make sure you don’t pursue that romantic quest of yours.

Relationships Make you Smarter

Sometimes you’re just too smart for your own good, and your brain is working against you.

But who is in charge of your brain? Who is in charge of your life?

If you want to be in a relationship, you will have to step outside your comfort zone, into what your brain considers risky…

Isn’t it what’s exciting about it?

As you put yourself out there, experiencing a new range of thoughts and emotions, you are actually creating new neuropathways, expanding your thinking and capacity to feel…

Could that mean that relationships could make you smarter?!

To Sum It Up

Make sure to use your brain to your advantage!

It will always do its best to keep you safe, and would rather you die from boredom than pursue the romantic relationship you want and deserve.

And as you stretch your mind and experiment with new emotions to make relationships work, you might become even smarter in the end!