Who decides what's appropriate or not? Are you censoring yourself to not offend others? But who are we really showing up as? And if we pretend to be someone we're not, are the people in our life really loving us?

Writing my Friday Love letter last week, I felt inspired to share the Lessons of Seductions from Aubade, one of my favourite lingerie brands.

As these publications mostly featured gorgeous women’s bodies, I then refrained to share them, anticipating potential sleazy comments from men and/or women’s arguments against the objectification or societal body norms.

When have we (or I) become so politically correct?

Since when have the beauty of a woman’s body and a creative cheeky tagline become a threat to good morals? Have we become too serious, over analytical, looking for reasons to argue? Since when do I need to justify what I like? 

In my opinion, these campaigns were pure art form, celebrating and empowering women. They certainly inspired me to express myself, love and respect my body, not take myself so seriously.

But I also see how other people might see it as provocative and alluring (they were!), how women might compare themselves and come to the conclusion they are not good enough, how only showing those beautiful bodies without faces for the purpose of selling could be seen as using women (although they also had a few with men, and they are selling lingerie anyway!!!)…

And let’s agree to disagree, be curious and hear each other’s point of view without having to convince or take on board anyone else’s beliefs. Let’s keep the conversation open, explore and expand our mind.

There’s no right or wrong, only different! 

Because the real danger is not so much what is shared, but that we stop sharing. If we refrain from expressing ourselves, suppress and push down our feelings and emotions, and only talk about what is deemed acceptable, who are we really seeing/hearing/connecting with?

Life and Love can’t exist without Freedom. And all the quirky, weird, triggering and not so acceptable bits are exactly what makes Life & Love interesting, exciting, worth living. Without contrast, we wouldn’t question, think, and create more.

Keep sharing what lights you up, what makes you happy or angry, what triggers you, what makes you think… Because Life is the entire range, and Love is what brings them all together.

If you feel like you can’t be your most authentic self and create deep authentic relationships, let’s have a chat!