If you’re still asking the question, you’re definitely not ready! But how will you know when you’re ready? And what can you do to to be ready to create your next Love story? Here are some insights for you...

Are you ready for your next Love story?

If you’re still asking the question, you’re definitely not [ready]!

If you were ready, you wouldn’t waste more time thinking about it, and would already be looking for all the ways to meet someone!

So how will you know when you’re ready? 

Do you know what it will look like? sound like? or feel like?

Some of us wait a long looooong time!

It took me 10 years to get over my first long relationship, and 7 more for my most recent one.

I don’t recommend you waste as much time as I did! So let me share some insights to get you in the best position to attract your ideal partner.

You see, time doesn’t heal.

You ‘just’ need to decide!

How much longer are you going to repeat that same sad story in your head?

What if you could move on… right now!?

After her breakup, Melanie hadn’t met anyone she remotely fancied for 3 years. No one compared to her ex and she was scared she would never meet someone like him. Exploring what was possible for her, the life she truly wanted and desired, and taking the steps together, she attracted someone even better after our 3rd session. She was so blown away by how fast it happened that she now calls me ‘the Love Witch’.

It starts with a simple decision…

Would you rather keep feeling sorry for yourself or take control of your life?

And if you’re hoping to find Love again, here’s how to get you started!

The first step is to know what you DO want.

When asked the question, too many people tell me what they don’t want in a partner and relationship. 

“I don’t want someone who…”

By putting all their focus and energy on all the negatives, no wonder they attract just that!

Become crystal clear on what you desire and start looking for evidence of these wonderful traits and behaviours around you. Even if they are not all in one person or even a potential romantic partner to start with.

Train your brain to see what is possible, and strengthen the belief it is somewhere out there for you.


You then need to become the best match for your ideal partner. 

The best way to come in alignment with your person is to… become your person!

If your dream partner looks after their health, goes to art galleries and loves travelling but you love Macca’s, last time you went to the museum was on a school excursion and you never left the country, chances that you hang around the same places and can entertain good conversations are slim.

Be honest with yourself! Are you ‘sorta, kinda, almost’ all the things you wish your partner to be? Or are you a 10/10?

Part of why we are attracted to people is because they have something we don’t! We admire them, and part of us wishes we were the same.

So don’t expect your partner’s qualities to rub on you, or that they will teach or complete you.

Why put pressure on them, when you are not willing to do the work yourself?!

Cultivating those qualities within yourself will provide you with such great satisfaction, pride and love for yourself. You will radiate a different energy, one that no one can ignore.


And I hear you say “but it’s not that simple!”

And what if it was? 

While focusing on all the possibilities, the sadness and the bad memories might fade away.

And old wounds may come up to the surface, try to dissuade you from moving forward, wanting to keep you in your comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

Your brain’s #1 job is to keep you safe… not happy!

Everything out of the ordinary (even “bad” ordinary) feels scary, because you’ve never done it, you’ve never been there.

What if Love and happiness was on the other side of your fears? What if your fears were pointing you in the right direction?!

And if you want to explore this a bit more, I invite you to join my Free Online Masterclass this Wednesday and share with you more tools to get ready for your next Love story.

These steps might seem simple, but they are extremely powerful! They could change your whole life…