The Love Story

Every good love story begins with a hello! So this is mine…

There’s just something about French romance…

The Art of Seduction

Why does France have such a romantic reputation? What makes French cuisine, fashion, and… romance so special?

If delicious meals, elegant outfits and passionate love stories felt very normal growing up in France, after travelling the world and living in 6 different countries, Love Coach Aurelie Hervet finally understood the magic formula making all things French so special.

Relationships Master Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner, Aurelie helps people fall in love with themselves, in love with their life, and create deep, authentic and passionate romantic relationships.

Whether ‘forever single’ or recently separated, it only takes her clients a few sessions to get back on their feet, with clarity and confidence to create their next love story.

Are you ready for LOVE?

Certified Love Coach

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Learning to authentically love myself and others

Ready to create deep, authentic, passionate relationships?

Fed up with dating apps? Tired of wasting time and money in disappointing dates? Your relationship is not heading in the right direction. Let’s re-ignite the sparks!

Find out what’s getting in the way of your next love story!

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