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Why does France have such a romantique reputation? What makes French cuisine, fashion, and… romance so special?

If delicious meals, elegant outfits and passionate love stories felt very normal growing up in France, after travelling the world and living in 6 different countries, Love Coach Aurelie Hervet finally understood the magic formula making all things French so special.

Relationships Mastercoach and Certified NLP practitioner, Aurelie helps people fall in love with themselves, in love with their Life, and create deep, authentic and passionate romantique relationships.

Whether ‘forever single’ or recently separated, it only takes her clients a few sessions to get back on their feet, with clarity and confidence to create their next Love story.

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Aurelie’s story

After breaking up with her Australian partner of 4 years in 2016, Aurelie first delved into personal development to rebuild her self-confidence and sense of direction in life.

Despite being a strong independent woman, she had lost herself in the relationship, trying too hard to be the perfect girlfriend while loosing sight of what really lit her up.

Becoming neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner end of 2016, she learned to master her inner self-talk and how to improve communication with others. Certified Life Coach the next year, she has since kept expanding her skillset with some of the bests in the industry (Dr Demartini, Dr Joe Dispenza, Jeffrey Slayter, Matt Catling) to continue her own journey, while helping others.

Originally from France, and having lived in Germany, UK, US, Switzerland and now Australia for 10 years, she appeals to an international clientele due to her understanding and perspective on cultural programming and its impact on relationships.

In January 2022, she finally took the plunge to work full-time in her coaching business. Teaching what she had been focusing on and learning the most deeply for herself, she specialised and became Relationship Mastercoach.

Not one for quick fixes, she likes to go to the bottom of things and deal with issues and patterns of behaviour at the root cause. Doing the deep and meaningful work allows to bring to the surface and fully accept and honour your most genuine and authentic self. Such radiant energy can’t remain unnoticed for too long! Becoming totally magnetic, it is usually when the ‘right’ person shows up.

Aurelie looooves Love! Hopeless romantic, she couldn’t do a more rewarding work than helping others create their next Love story!