Discover the Freedom of being Yourself in all your relationships!


What would Life look like if you felt you could be Yourself

at all times and with anyone?!

No denying, you love your job, your kids, your parents, your friends, your partner very much…

In fact, you’d do anything for them…

Maybe you’ve even already lost yourself in the process!?

Doing your best to make sure everyone is cared for, at all times, you lost sight of your own needs, and also your dreams and passions… what makes you, You!

Sometimes you’re feeling or fearing so much stress, you’d rather get out of the relationship or avoid being in one altogether.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, and want to feel safe and free to be yourself and elevate all your relationships, you’re in the right place!

You care so much for everyone…

You just want to make sure your partner, your family, your friends have everything they need. You might be working long hours to be able to keep up and give them all the best experiences and opportunities.

And your work ethic is second to none. Always here for your clients, providing the best service, so they also feel well supported and satisfied.

But days are never long enough, and there’s always more to do! Maybe you even stretch the days, working until crazy hours, or use weekends to catch up on work, taking away much precious time to meet new people or deepen relationships.

And what about your own needs? You don’t sleep enough, don’t feel deeply rested when you get up in the morning. With stress to the roof, maybe you compensate with food/alcohol and put on weight, hormones might be playing up, moods all over the place and libido is down the drain…

Let’s not even talk about ‘me time’ or date nights! You’re so used to put everyone else first that you’re not even sure what you’d want for yourself if time and money were no object. You might even feel a bit silly talking about your own interests, let alone your biggest dreams.

A holiday every now and then is certainly not enough! Especially when you get caught in the same hamster wheel right after. You’re so stressed and busy you don’t even get to enjoy your loved ones, be the role model you’d love to be, and create memories on a daily basis.


Free to be Me!

My 10 weeks coaching program ‘Free to be Me!’ is exactly what you’re searching for!

What is in the next 10 weeks you could free time, energy (and money!) for You AND everyone you care about?

What if you could become a better partner/parent/friend/professional, spending more quality time and creating memories together!?

What if, by being authentically You, you inspired everyone around you (including your kids!) to live their best life?!

Results from clients indude…

  • Meeting their partner after being single for years
  • Feeling worthy and deserving of a romantic relationship
  • Showing up with a renewed confidence and signing big business deals
  • No longer working on the weekend and tackling their bucket list instead
  • Focusing on a personal project and getting the entire family involved and bonding around it
  • Having more time with their kids and being more present when together

I’m the best person to help you, because I’ve been there before, and I’ve helped so many people break free from their old patterns and into a fulfilling life and relationships.

Because what’s the point of working so hard and have all the comfort in the world, if we don’t have people, time or energy to share and enjoy Life?

If you’re like the old version of me, you might have a  tendency to sacrifice yourself for the people you love, and/or have a bunch of very ‘valid’ reasons to stay out of relationships.

After losing myself in a romantic relationship, I cleverly managed to avoid relationships for a long period of time. Prone to giving myself up to my partners, my family or my employers, feeling drained and exhausted, I kept sabotaging fantastic opportunities in a quest for security and inner peace.

Teaching what I had to learn the most, I have been a Love Coach, Relationship Mastercoach and Certified NLP practitioner since 2016. And it is my immense privilege to help people find peace, trust and confidence within themselves and with others.

I have developed my 10 weeks signature program ‘Free to be Me!’ and guide you step by step to create trust and safety to show up as your most authentic self, feel confident in making better and quicker decisions, set boundaries and communicate your needs in a way that feels good for everyone (including You of course!), and allow yourself to explore, expand and express what truly lights you up.

Because when people feel whole, completely free to be themselves, it has not only a ripple effect on their romantic relationships, but also on their family, their business, their community and the world at large.


I will say this, I have not met anybody that I slightly liked for a whole year after breaking up with my ex. After 3 sessions with Aurelie, I will tonight be spending the night in the arms of someone I care deeply about.

5 months later…

We spend all our time together…
I can’t believe how much the work we did together worked, and how quickly and in alignment.
I am so grateful for the work we’ve done and I definitely want to keep working together.

Miss M.

    I have been using the services of my love coach for about 6 weeks now. I have to say that I’m really impressed with her services, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for help in falling in love with themselves and finding the person they are meant to be with. My love coach or my “love witch” how I call her, helped me to realign my thoughts and beliefs about love, intimacy and relationship and will definitively help me to find the love of my life. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help and I’m grateful for everything she’s done for me so far. If you’re looking for help in finding yourself or your love, I highly recommend seeking out to Aurélie, “the love witch”.

      Aurelie has been an incredible support in my growth from day 1. We only had 4 sessions together and the relationship I have with myself and with others have changed immensely already. She’s available for me whenever I need it, always checking in between sessions. Could not recommend her enough.

      Melanie CB

        I am really amazed how far we got in one session. Aurelie is truly insightful in the realms of relationships, communication and self-awareness and self-empowerment. I have so many action points and things to ponder from our session. I definitely recommend Aurelie, you will not regret talking to her. Thank you for your help!


        How this coaching program works

        ‘Free to be Me!’ is a 10 weeks journey that is completely tailored to you and your unique Life!

        • 10x 60mn 1:1 coaching calls – Set weekly, these sessions allow you to gain perspective on what is going on in your life, aquire new tools and ways of thinking, gain confidence and build momentum towards your most fulfilling life

        • Unlimited support and ongoing access between sessions – Using Whatsapp, you can send me text or voice messages anytime. We want to address emotions (positive or negative) when their at their highest, and make the most of your fired brain to rewire it in a way that serve you best.
        • Welcome gift – Straight to your door but… shhhht! It’s a surprise!

        Imagine the next 10 weeks being able to walk away with…

        feeling like a brand new person!

        Completely free of judgement and walking through Life with certainty, you’ll have more time, focus and energy for what truly matters to you.

        Your radiant energy will make you simply magnetic, inspiring Love and respect from everyone around you.

        If you’re feeling the pull and ready to transform your Life and experience the freedom of being yourself at anytime and with anyone, let’s have a chat!
        Let’s discuss where you’re at and what is truly getting in the way. I’d love to point you in the right direction and why not even work together!
        Make sure to book your free consultation and take your first step towards more time, energy and Love.

        And I hear you… you’re too busy right now, you’re focusing on building wealth or maybe the kids are about to be on school holidays…

        Are you putting yourself last… once again!?

        What if working on yourself helped you free energy and focus and hit your objectives in record time so you can go on dates?
        What if the school holidays were the perfect time to practise new tools, strengthen your relationship with your children and create happy memories?

        What if by putting yourself first, you could be a better performer, parent, partner?

        Time is the only thing we can’t get more of!

        And let me guess… investing in yourself depends on what’s left after paying for all other expenses, school fees, holidays?! 

        There’s always going to be more unexpected expenses, good reasons to bump your own needs at the back of the queue.

        If you don’t prioritise your self-care, it’s not likely going to happen!

        You are your most important asset!

        By investing in yourself, you’ll think more clearly, make better and faster decisions, feel confident in asking for what you want (maybe even more money!), and focus your time (and why not money too!) on what truly matters to you and your loved ones.