Love Your Partner

A transformational journey tailored to rejuvenate and enrich your relationship.

Shape the Relationship You Desire

Do you find:

  • You’re not physically attracted to your partner the way you used to, maybe you’ve even lost desire or avoid intimacy
  • You’re both so busy, you’re almost like flatmates, only discussing the logistics of life
  • You don’t have the energy to make extra effort, look sexy, organise dates
  • scared to not be good enough for your partner anymore and they will go look for someone else
  • You don’t know how to communicate with each other

You’re not alone. In fact, this is VERY common (we get you!)

  • Fear of Not Being Enough? Build self-confidence and overcome fears in your relationship.
  • Struggling to Communicate? Gain skills to communicate effectively, ensuring both partners feel heard and valued.
  • Boost Your Self-Confidence: We’ll help you overcome fears of inadequacy and rebuild your confidence, both in and out of the relationship.
  • Communication is Key: Develop new ways to communicate effectively, ensuring both you and your partner feel heard and valued.

Truly Transform Your Relationship

Experience a Relationship Renaissance in Just 6 Months. Our program is a transformational journey tailored to rejuvenate and enrich your relationship.

  • Design Your Dream Relationship: we’ll create a unique set of rules tailored to meet your mutual needs and expectations.
  • Heal from the Past: Make peace with past experiences and family patterns that have been holding you back.
  • Embrace Emotional Freedom: Find the courage to be authentically you, fostering a safe and open relationship environment.
  • Strengthen Your Bond: Develop an unshakable trust and confidence in each other.
  • Elevate Your Relationship: Take your partnership to new heights with deeper understanding and connection.
  • Effective Communication and Mutual Understanding: Learn communication techniques to ensure you both feel heard and supported.

Daily Seduction: Reignite the passion and keep the excitement alive every day.

Program Highlights

  • 20x tailored 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Personalized guidance to address your unique journey.
  • Interactive Workshops: Engage in workshops that foster self-awareness and growth.
  • Personalised hypnotherapy: Achieve your love goals faster with deep subconscious work.
  • Supportive Facebook Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey.
  • Practical Tools and Techniques: Learn strategies for lasting change and self-empowerment.

Unlimited text and voicemail access: Receive continuous support, ensuring your journey to self-love is embedded in everyday life.

“Aurelie has been an incredible support in my growth from day 1. We only had 4 sessions together and the relationship I have with myself and with others have changed immensely already. She’s available for me whenever I need it, always checking in between sessions. Could not recommend her enough.”


6-Month program

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Reconnect with your partner and build a more fulfilling, passionate relationship. You deserve a love story that lasts and grows.