Discover the Freedom of being Yourself in all your relationships

Are you working hard to be the best at your work, as a parent, as a romantic partner?
You never have enough time for everyone, and even less for yourself?
Find out what’s getting in the way of your most loving and fulfilling relationships!
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Meet your Love Coach!

Aurelie believes you were born to be You!

No one else can bring what you have to offer to this world, to your family and friends…

Relationships Mastercoach and Certified NLP practitioner, Aurelie helps people build trust, confidence and peace within themselves and in all their relationships.

When you give yourself permission to explore, expand and express all of who you are, opportunities and genuine connections simply come to you.


I will say this, I have not met anybody that I slightly liked for a whole year after breaking up with my ex. After 3 sessions with Aurelie, I will tonight be spending the night in the arms of someone I care deeply about.

5 months later…

We spend all our time together…
I can’t believe how much the work we did together worked, and how quickly and in alignment.
I am so grateful for the work we’ve done and I definitely want to keep working together.

Miss M.

Aurelie has been an incredible support in my growth from day 1. We only had 4 sessions together and the relationship I have with myself and with others have changed immensely already. She’s available for me whenever I need it, always checking in between sessions. Could not recommend her enough.


I have gained more love and acceptance for myself! I got so much value from this program, the exercises we did had me thinking about what I bring to a relationship and how I show up.

I’m  now attracting different kinds of men into my life that bring more joy to my life and peace to my soul which has me feeling very optimistic about finding a beautiful partner.

Thank you Aurelie, your light-heartedness, energy and wealth of information has made such a difference to my attitude and perception around my love life.


What would Life look like if you were Yourself

…at all times…with anyone?!

Your clients, your family, your partner… they can all count on you!

But is there any time and energy left for yourself? your needs, your dreams, your passions…

What if you could be a better professional, a better parent, a better partner… by putting yourself first!?

What if you could give from overflow rather than from an empty cup? 

What if being You was the key to inspire and teach everyone around you how to be happy?!